Single Stage Polish and Paint Correction & Wax

Single Stage Polish and Paint Correction & Wax

If the finish on your vehicle is starting to show some mild signs of wear & tear - this package is for you. The high speed machine polish will remove light marks & scratches while enhancing the color of your car. Starting at $299.


Paint correction is the process of mechanically polishing a cars paint to remove surface imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, oxidization & damage caused by birdlime or chemical fallout. This involves removing the top layer of paint; usually only between one and 3 microns is require to be removed to achieve correction. Recommend for vehicles in average condition with medium scratches, swirling, faded or oxidized paint.

Time: 6 – 10 hours

Hourly Charge thereafter

Package Includes:

  • bug and tar removal – (extra charge for hardened tree sap)
  • high pressure pre-rinse
  • hand wash
  • high volume rinse
  • paint/exterior glass pre-cleaned with clay bar, leaving a clean surface for polish
  • second hand wash
  • chamois dry
  • high speed machine polish applied to remove swirls marks and light scratches, enhances colour
  • hand wax application
  • rims/tires cleaned
  • outside glass cleaned
  • tires dressed

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